Hermitcraft S7 Ep 58: TOO MUCH HAPPENED!

21. mars. 2021
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Hermitcraft season 7 episode 58, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to base swap back with Mumbo! We build the interior of our real estate office in Aqua Town and hang out with Grian trying to scare other Hermits with proximity voice mod. Also, we meet with the other sewer cats and decided who won the Keralis games. I hope you enjoy it and see you in the next Hermitcraft episode!
Previous Hermitcraft episode: noworld.info/video/video/s4zebM9plp3VuLc.html
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  • I apologize this video is so late. I hope you still enjoy it! My Links and stuff: * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347​ * T-Shirt Shop: teespring.com/stores/goodtime...​ * Twitter: twitter.com/#!/GTWScar​ * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar​ * Instagram: instagram.com/goodtimeswithscar​ * Facebook: on.fb.me/1LCWlMV​

    GoodTimesWithScarGoodTimesWithScarMåned siden
    • yes scare shop

      Napstabot8Napstabot8Måned siden
    • I'm a big fan of you and I have a NOworld channel.Can I join Hermitcraft?

      Zip Zap GamesZip Zap GamesMåned siden
    • Do a scare service with Grian, Scar!

      Luna Has a YouTube ChannelLuna Has a YouTube ChannelMåned siden
    • You don't see me

      Pigozzy WolfmoonPigozzy WolfmoonMåned siden
    • for some reason your new skin looks like herobrine smiling into my soul and i cant usee it now

      Gayathri JagadeeshGayathri JagadeeshMåned siden
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    Mason OlsenMason Olsen10 timer siden
  • 26:08 "paynts"

    Ian ByrneIan Byrne7 dager siden
  • Everyone when scars building music comes on 💃🕺

    JosLynne ThomsonJosLynne Thomson24 dager siden
  • Please make a scar shop

    JosLynne ThomsonJosLynne Thomson24 dager siden
  • Not only did Mumbo say pants in an American accent but it had Sass to it!

    Amber BorowskiAmber Borowski25 dager siden
  • Leaving this here 25:53 26:08 pAnts

    Jacky GuoJacky Guo27 dager siden
  • Yes on that scare shop, scar

    It5meTheSheepIt5meTheSheep28 dager siden
  • 12:56 wat the heck happened there????

    Villager SlimeVillager Slime29 dager siden
  • The villager is a swamp villager not a melon villager

    Unflyable GamingUnflyable GamingMåned siden
  • what's the proximity chat mod name? is it server-side or client-side?

    Zaki FirasiZaki FirasiMåned siden

    SyberyahSyberyahMåned siden
  • so many epic moments here! Scar's impression of iskalldoll had me rolling. best episode of the season!

    Pewter CityPewter CityMåned siden
  • Yes

    Alsi PayneAlsi PayneMåned siden
  • 25:52

    Xx spoops xXXx spoops xXMåned siden
  • Partner with Grian for the scare shop

    Morestupid26Morestupid26Måned siden

    Youtube accountYoutube accountMåned siden
  • Paaaaaaants

    SkyBlue SlimesSkyBlue SlimesMåned siden
  • Could you make a sandwich shop in the basement and it’s where you take your clients to show off because the floors are spotless and made of DIAMOND 💎

    Justin EllisonJustin EllisonMåned siden
  • 21:21 When Mumbo laughs after Scar says hallo again, it sounds like Mumbo has gone crazy.

    Joshua KipferJoshua KipferMåned siden
  • scar after collecting his diamonds after a month: wow I have 4 stacks of diamonds!!! grian after 1 week: only 5 stacks!!!

    Jamie CavanaghJamie CavanaghMåned siden
  • scar: hraaaaaa grian: HI BEDUBSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Leon Life GamerLeon Life GamerMåned siden
  • 12:25 is it me or have grown and mumbo used this song in time lapses before aswell

    GraphiGraphiMåned siden
  • Scar: YAAH kill him KILL hIm Also scar 2 secs lator: its a murder shop :0 1:00

    William LuWilliam LuMåned siden
  • The shart system?

    MigitTimmyMigitTimmyMåned siden

  • 8:29 Season 6 with that mod would of been great.

    TN DiamondzTN DiamondzMåned siden
  • me thinking I'm good at building. me watches scars video >:(

    tyler hudakotyler hudakoMåned siden
  • You should do the scare shop.

    Anthony R.LoumisAnthony R.LoumisMåned siden
  • Yes on the scare shop!

    SKARSSKARSMåned siden
  • yes

    I am proI am proMåned siden
  • Lol

    LegotendoLegotendoMåned siden
  • I wonder how many times a jelly cat has died

    CoolMusic 525CoolMusic 525Måned siden
  • Yessss for scare squad

    JackOfAllTradesJackOfAllTradesMåned siden
  • 26:07 Mumbo saying "pants"

    ceruchiceruchiMåned siden
  • Such a GREAT episode! I hope we see Scar in a "Chaffed to Bits" shirt in his next vlog. ProximityMod is the best thing to happen to Hermitcraft in a long time. It makes collabs so much smoother and spontaneous!

    ceruchiceruchiMåned siden
  • Yes scare shop

    Aarush MahajanAarush MahajanMåned siden
  • 8:49

    ZuzuZuzuMåned siden
  • Yes scare hermits!!!!😃😄😀😊😁☺

    Abby MeoAbby MeoMåned siden
  • 2:06 iskall: what a wonderfull idea

  • *awesome timelapse song* Me:amazing

    ST Build TutorialsST Build TutorialsMåned siden
  • 10:40 when he said'spent some time in creative and-' Me:wait did he hack and build in creative on the server

    ST Build TutorialsST Build TutorialsMåned siden
  • Yes for the scareshop!

    ST Build TutorialsST Build TutorialsMåned siden
  • Mumbo jumbo with an american accent is the best thing ever

    DustmopthepigDustmopthepigMåned siden
  • Yes on the scare shop!!!!

    sNuG_1.0sNuG_1.0Måned siden
  • You and Grian genuinely made me laugh! Thank you for all the fun and wholesome content!

    Damion MotsenbockerDamion MotsenbockerMåned siden
  • Basement should have steam boilers and you should incorporate steam radiators (grind stone?) on the floors

    AKWintermuteAKWintermuteMåned siden
  • hallo

    MeepyYTMeepyYTMåned siden
  • Boo? YES!

    TheUnannTheUnannMåned siden
  • Scar, I adopted a kitten last week. She's 4 months old and really enjoys watching minecraft videos with me. We watched this episode while laying in bed. Her fav part: was when you were flying around with Mumbo, she was trying to "catch" him for you. It was the most adorable thing to see!

    MaoriMiner _NZMaoriMiner _NZMåned siden
  • 26:07 All I’m gonna say

    yeaolonyeaolonMåned siden
    • 26:08

      yeaolonyeaolonMåned siden
  • What a comeback!

    HyperboidHyperboidMåned siden
  • Who else wants to hear more american Mumbo?

    Spencer AndersonSpencer AndersonMåned siden
  • I’m used to looking at scars face now I’m used to looking at baby yoda and Mumboscar

    Juke RemiJuke RemiMåned siden
  • yes

    snoop dogsnoop dogMåned siden
  • hanoi

    Lukas HLukas HMåned siden
  • its the moostache

    Thobo THOTHEThobo THOTHEMåned siden
  • Yes

    Brayden StokesBrayden StokesMåned siden
  • Yes scare shop.

    Antonp21654Antonp21654Måned siden
  • 26:07 Replay button

    Super Fire 64 GamingSuper Fire 64 GamingMåned siden
  • I now consistently come back to this vid to hear mumbo say pants

    Tom ATom AMåned siden
  • 26:08 You will thank me later.

    Hayden GamesHayden GamesMåned siden
  • A scare shop would be awesome!

    Jannette Starr-BowenJannette Starr-BowenMåned siden
  • Yes on the scare shop, that would be amazing!

    Caitlin DongCaitlin DongMåned siden
  • We NEED more American accent from Mumbo!😂

    John LJohn LMåned siden
  • This American viewer went back to re-listen and laugh at Mumbo say “paants” 🤣

    EJtoUEJtoUMåned siden
  • Yes

    Wallace_Penguin_ EverythingWallace_Penguin_ EverythingMåned siden
  • ScarScareSquadShop is a yes for me!

    EEMåned siden
  • Oh dang. I took a break from the series and I'm regretting it.

    Master RoshiMaster RoshiMåned siden
  • 2:56 scar doesn’t know how to count

    Lan0xLan0xMåned siden
  • I think the scare man is a great idea for entertainment and diamonds pls do get the job

    Pam LucasPam LucasMåned siden
  • Do the scare shopppp

    Daryl DSPDaryl DSPMåned siden
  • Scar: how much did you want to buy it for? Grian: I don't remember, how much did you buy if for? Scar: I don't remember Pure negotiation skills from 2 epic builders

    HappyGamer 4everHappyGamer 4everMåned siden
  • Scar: I’m gonna race you by the way I don’t take the nether. NOworld: tired of sour tasting yogurt?

    ShadyWat TheBeanShadyWat TheBeanMåned siden
  • Honestly, Mumbo's American accent is on point!

    GMRGamingGMRGamingMåned siden
  • Yesss you should add a scare shop! That would be so much fun!

    Not AvailableNot AvailableMåned siden
  • Hey scar! Love your videos, and I was thinking, what if instead of a shop, it’s a club, just like the sewer cats, but they have to pay you to join in on the fun? Anyways, loved the interior of the office! You are SO talented, and you gave me so much inspiration for some of my builds! Thank you!

    Stella GizziStella GizziMåned siden
  • Scar, I think you should do the scare shop in Aquatown and theme it after Monsters, inc.!

    Alex MorphyAlex MorphyMåned siden
  • Yes for the Scarcrow !

    Georges AnxionnatGeorges AnxionnatMåned siden
  • Who thougth this was scar bg and clicked lol

    NeverTrollsNeverTrollsMåned siden
  • 29:02 the best part is that we would have gotten a sarcastic comment from Grian here no matter what order he presented them in.

    DoginatophatDoginatophatMåned siden
  • 27:41... Anyone else hear Mumbo almost slip up and confirm that he indeed created the HCBBS?

    William LudwickWilliam LudwickMåned siden
  • Hey Scar, you had 5 stacks of diamonds, not 4

    EnderSlayerPlayzEnderSlayerPlayzMåned siden
  • BDubs is the anti Sweenie Todd! He makes all his customers kill him!

    Hojo WarfHojo WarfMåned siden
  • Yes but ask grian if he wants in

    Adan OkivasAdan OkivasMåned siden
  • Hope he doesn’t find the secret base 👀

    FireplaceFireplaceMåned siden
  • 26:21 me who don't understand any of this because i am dutch

    Daniel GielenDaniel GielenMåned siden
  • Yeeeeessss

    Human Person MusicHuman Person MusicMåned siden
  • "Scart" sounds like it's short for "Scar Fart".

    Perfect ProtagonistPerfect ProtagonistMåned siden
  • yes!!

    Daniel SextonDaniel SextonMåned siden
  • Yes to the shop

    NightmareNightmareMåned siden
  • 4:36 grian looks worried

    OttoFilmsOttoFilmsMåned siden
  • I'm here for the hermit ASMR

    Megan TimbrookMegan TimbrookMåned siden
  • Scar the other hermit's to death with the scare shop

    Ryan BrennanRyan BrennanMåned siden
  • Demise 2 electric boogaloo And And the second mayor election

    Wattsons little nessyWattsons little nessyMåned siden
  • Yes

    Laila EmbletonLaila EmbletonMåned siden

    Roxy StewartRoxy StewartMåned siden
  • yes please

    Asad SubhanAsad SubhanMåned siden
  • Yes to the Scare Shop lmao

    Russell MooneyRussell MooneyMåned siden

    Tonya ArevaloTonya ArevaloMåned siden