Hermitcraft S7 Ep 48: Turf War WINNER?

20. des.. 2020
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Hermitcraft season 7 episode 48, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to finish the turf war between the mycelium resistance and the grass team, H.E.P. We will compete in minigames to determine the winner of the shopping district showdown of Grass vs mycelium. Both teams put so much effort into creating and playing the games and it was so much fun to play them. Hope you liked the mycelium vs grass storyline.
Previous Hermitcraft episode: noworld.info/video/video/s4zebM9plp3VuLc.html
Hermitcraft Season 7 official playlist:
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  • I hope you enjoyed all the games and story. It was a lot of fun and can't wait to start my next big project! What was your favorite part of the story??? My Links and stuff: * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347 * T-Shirt Shop: teespring.com/stores/goodtime... * Twitter: twitter.com/#!/GTWScar * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar * Instagram: instagram.com/goodtimeswithscar * Facebook: on.fb.me/1LCWlMV

    GoodTimesWithScarGoodTimesWithScar4 måneder siden

      bRoiLl nobRoiLl no4 måneder siden
    • Scar when will you complete the big drill

      NoobGuyPro 421NoobGuyPro 4214 måneder siden
    • SCAR! Grian has been stealing melons from you in secret. Do another war cos grian has been stealing melons

      Master EzekieMaster Ezekie4 måneder siden
    • Grian has been stealing your melons

      maya diramaya dira4 måneder siden
    • I enjoyed it!!!

      HappyGamer 4everHappyGamer 4ever4 måneder siden
  • Why is nobody talking about Mumbo at 27:50 I've watched this one part like 50 times it's so funny.

    Mallory JaneMallory Jane24 dager siden
  • I love your edits

    FunctionFunction28 dager siden
  • i like how the hermits settle wars by playing little minigames while other smp's literally **war**

  • the first mini game wasn t fair at all

    Gramada BogdanGramada BogdanMåned siden
  • he broke the gate while trying to get an armorstand

    Pheo ganPheo gan2 måneder siden
  • ij

    noahcoopsnoahcoops2 måneder siden
  • these dudes really be playing splatoon but in minecraft

    C4Tt!C4Tt!2 måneder siden
  • MooPop sounds so wierd

    GuineaGamersGuineaGamers2 måneder siden
  • i can't get over Bdubs and Scar's relationship ,, every episode they're in together is such a blast!!

    MadiMadi2 måneder siden
  • I found the chicken man

    Kenneth StermerKenneth Stermer2 måneder siden
  • Your game is the best.

    Heidi KindonHeidi Kindon2 måneder siden
  • TIL: you can cook food on campfires

    Sharl legregSharl legreg2 måneder siden
  • Your edit of Showdown was fabulous!!!

    QuibieQuibie3 måneder siden
  • geez i havent watched since you won the mayor thing

    Thomas JohnsonThomas Johnson3 måneder siden
  • Mycelium resistance base i am 80% sure is in the mumbo jumbo for mayor head quarters he accidentally showed in a video

    DanY PlayZDanY PlayZ3 måneder siden
  • m o o p o p

    Some dude that rips planet in halfSome dude that rips planet in half3 måneder siden
  • I can’t believe Scar broke whack-a-stand in the first round

    WTZWBlazeWTZWBlaze3 måneder siden

    Madeline CovilleMadeline Coville3 måneder siden
  • pls dont remind me of how much mando loves his dear son i'll get emotional 🥺🥺🥺

    tatetate3 måneder siden
  • I just now realized that HEP is just Green Team 2.0

    StrictlyCoreyStrictlyCorey3 måneder siden
  • I just realised something.. Scar used the environment to destroy the environment m..

    Mia Is HereMia Is Here3 måneder siden
  • I haven’t finished the mandolorian yet stop spoiling

    Vent GoblinVent Goblin3 måneder siden
  • This is the most chaotically funny videos I think I've ever watched

    Sam JerdeSam Jerde4 måneder siden
  • when i think turf war i think splatoon lol

    sofa sloshersofa slosher4 måneder siden
  • Best part of the war: scar building unintentional mob farms almost every episode

    Angela LybbertAngela Lybbert4 måneder siden
  • Grian: *places a patch of mycelium on the grass for fun* The Hermits: 25:51

    Gameon 2000Gameon 20004 måneder siden

    No lolNo lol4 måneder siden
  • Anyone else think next season they should play with proximity chat?

    3xic Gaming3xic Gaming4 måneder siden
  • well we won annyway

    Trey GarnerTrey Garner4 måneder siden
  • What the hell? scar, keep promises if you are a real man you liar

    Angela KAngela K4 måneder siden
  • Can you invite me to the hermitcraft server? My name is Carson I'm 8.

    Erin SidmoreErin Sidmore4 måneder siden
  • One random person who likes this will be rich in 2 years.

    987k views987k views4 måneder siden
  • Mumbo Scar: oh mumo?

    Nightmare soundsNightmare sounds4 måneder siden
  • Can i have a shoutout because i called the turf war Get this to HIM

    Fox ArtFox Art4 måneder siden
  • Haters gonna hate. Nay-sayers gonna nay say

    CardZone MaxCardZone Max4 måneder siden
  • I like how you cut out the part where you killed yourself and Bdubs with a firework while trying to kill a creeper

    Edschel ChangEdschel Chang4 måneder siden
  • Did Scar have the Showdown music composed for that because it lined up perfectly with False’s ascent to the top to place the Mycelium Source Block.

    Weston MarksWeston Marks4 måneder siden
  • Brian has took some when I say some I mean a lot of melens

    Jaiden WeimerJaiden Weimer4 måneder siden
  • i really think scar deserved to win, he put so much effort into the builds and the storyline and it shouldn’t go unnoticed :(

    Maia MarcouMaia Marcou4 måneder siden
  • Do anyone notice that any Hermitcraft player don't use face cam in their videos

    D-rag onn GamerzD-rag onn Gamerz4 måneder siden
  • So scar destryoed the fence gate at impulse minigame

    Jurwin EdnilaoJurwin Ednilao4 måneder siden
  • What most pple think of when they think of fireworks: Fireworks what I see: scar blowing up ren and etho with fireworks while they boat away

    bRoiLl nobRoiLl no4 måneder siden
  • 31:5? "thanks for watching invisible scar loooooooooooool

    bRoiLl nobRoiLl no4 måneder siden

    bRoiLl nobRoiLl no4 måneder siden
  • ngl I hope they do rematches of the showdown cause that just looks like so much fun XD

    Severa LightningSevera Lightning4 måneder siden

    bRoiLl nobRoiLl no4 måneder siden
  • Grian better

    •Koala Katelynn••Koala Katelynn•4 måneder siden
  • I hate scar

    •Koala Katelynn••Koala Katelynn•4 måneder siden
  • Imagine if Poultry man comes back

    arni darni d4 måneder siden
  • POV: U came here after watching mumbo jumbo building the red stone work for this

    TearZTearZ4 måneder siden
  • Big mama mobo

  • 15:17 GROOOW GROW

    bRoiLl nobRoiLl no4 måneder siden

    bRoiLl nobRoiLl no4 måneder siden

    bRoiLl nobRoiLl no4 måneder siden
  • Is this mandolorian or hermitcraft? Lol

    Marlo Cohen HunterMarlo Cohen Hunter4 måneder siden
  • 29:21 look at mumbo's head. Edit: I had the time wrong.

    Ian CullinaneIan Cullinane4 måneder siden
  • Absolutely loved Scar's Easter egg in his message to Grian!

    ExplosiveYoda12ExplosiveYoda124 måneder siden
  • OMG that was the most oMAZING vid ever :D go scar

    Amanda CrystalAmanda Crystal4 måneder siden
  • All the other mini-games: Fun activities to play with friends. Scar's mini-game: War, war never changes

    Gavin MooreGavin Moore4 måneder siden
  • Your late

    Blaine StinkyBlaine Stinky4 måneder siden
  • "First death of the season" ..Omg I didn't even think of that. RIP zero death club.

    S117 OracleS117 Oracle4 måneder siden
  • 15:28 BDUBS IS POULTRY MAN ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?1'1'1?'?

    alexisalexis4 måneder siden
  • Ah, so _you_ were the one who broke that fence gate during Wack-A==Stand.

    NotAGoatNotAGoat4 måneder siden
  • You broke the rules in the first puzzle. You broke glass that you did not place.

    NotAGoatNotAGoat4 måneder siden
  • "mum oh" scar 2020

    bRoiLl nobRoiLl no4 måneder siden
  • Who even disliked this vid and why

    G2 AfterG2 After4 måneder siden
  • Whoo! I was voting on the resistance from the start

    foxmcloud mainfoxmcloud main4 måneder siden
  • The mandolorian references are awesome!

    Lukatron 8Lukatron 84 måneder siden
  • #grassgang

    Asa ArtmanAsa Artman4 måneder siden
  • Grain stolen some melons

    Raphael BRaphael B4 måneder siden
  • As a mandolorian fan I know the Easter egg and I rate your quote 100/100

    ZackwasCapturedZackwasCaptured4 måneder siden
  • 4:05 the speech was actually very simmilar to the one moff gideon gives to Mando, Cara Dune, and Grief Karga in the season 1 finale while mando has baby yoda... double Easter egg in this episode

    YetAnotherGamerYetAnotherGamer4 måneder siden
  • GG Resistance!

    Tyler1272000Tyler12720004 måneder siden
  • You should purposely do part of the back of Grain's base so that he has to undo it and do the rest himself.

    David ThibodeauxDavid Thibodeaux4 måneder siden
  • I hope you keep Mushroom Jellie, it looks fantastic imo!

    JustRecentlyIJustRecentlyI4 måneder siden
  • I chose your newest video because in grains newest he said he was storing melons on your structure

    Eddie & Fun!Eddie & Fun!4 måneder siden
  • I love the Mandalorian tie in to hermitcraft and I love all the quotes as a massive Star Wars fan.

    Shade PezziShade Pezzi4 måneder siden
  • jopping

    maria martinmaria martin4 måneder siden
  • Scar in grains plane you find baby Yoda good building like it.

    Oliver RohdeOliver Rohde4 måneder siden
  • I just realize something scar has never used his normal skin in season seven

    Matt HussakowskiMatt Hussakowski4 måneder siden
  • *returns to the shopping district only to realize it's been covered in podzol* The podzol party: You fools Loved the cinematics of the last game, it was epic

    Dan D. Lion94Dan D. Lion944 måneder siden
  • Is it just me, or was there Keep Inventory on during Scar’s mini game?

    Watermelon GODWatermelon GOD4 måneder siden
    • they did that on purpose (:

      mikayla rockwellmikayla rockwell4 måneder siden
  • You should steal Grumbot to get Grian back for the Baby Yoda theft. Steal his baby! Ijs

    Ryan MRyan M4 måneder siden
  • 8:38 wait that's right, I forgot until you said that that doc was the last person in the 0 deaths club but this game requires you to die to progress

    jon dwjon dw4 måneder siden
  • Scar grian has been stealing melons from your melon farm

    Samarth BeheraSamarth Behera4 måneder siden
  • Grian has been stealing melons from you

    mehwish faisalmehwish faisal4 måneder siden
  • Hi Scar ^_^ I came on behalf of zombiecleo! She was requesting some hermit heads for christmas. She’s all out of most hermits now and needs more! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break. Love your vids!

    Pocket PotatoesPocket Potatoes4 måneder siden
  • what happened to grian's spot in aqua town?😅😅😅😅

    Rhoze NheyoRhoze Nheyo4 måneder siden
  • I’m not like saying this just because you made it but I really liked show down and I think that it would be fun to play it.

    Jaice SkeenJaice Skeen4 måneder siden
  • Scar you should build a really big building around Grains plot in aquatown

    Brooke KoenigBrooke Koenig4 måneder siden
  • He scar grian said that he has been stealing your melons for a very long time

    ꧁Lxmon_juice ꧂꧁Lxmon_juice ꧂4 måneder siden
  • LOL scar is a space nerd if you look at SpaceX's latest vid he commented on it (This is not meant to be a bad sounding thing since I to am a big space nerd)

    Angelo HerreraAngelo Herrera4 måneder siden
  • Auto correct is a problem for that name no matter what

    BlueRed_079BlueRed_0794 måneder siden
  • AAAA

    BlueRed_079BlueRed_0794 måneder siden

    BlueRed_079BlueRed_0794 måneder siden
  • It was Scar who broke the fence in whack a stand. It was Scar all along

    HappyGamer 4everHappyGamer 4ever4 måneder siden
  • Imagine if another war starts because of Baby Yoda

    HappyGamer 4everHappyGamer 4ever4 måneder siden
  • So you know grian is steeling you melons in your base

    MrPickles_YTMrPickles_YT4 måneder siden
  • Petition for the hermits to give TFC some stuff, our hermit grandpa still has iron armour!

    JustGJustG4 måneder siden