Hermitcraft S7 Ep 38: WE FOUND The Mycelium Resistance HQ!

30. okt.. 2020
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Hermitcraft season 7 episode 38, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 for another episode keeping the mycelium resistance from taking over the shopping district. We meet up with Tango and Cub to plan the HEP factory and all the amazing stuff it will have inside. I create a massive natural arch to connect the Hermitcraft shopping district to HEP island. Also, we find the mycelium resistance HQ location and attempt to infiltrate the mycelium resistance base with Bdubs and find it traped...
Previous Hermitcraft episode: noworld.info/video/video/s4zebM9plp3VuLc.html
Hermitcraft season 7 official playlist:
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    GoodTimesWithScarGoodTimesWithScar6 måneder siden
    • Reply slot taken

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    • MUMBO!

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    • After you made a comment in ur video, Don't check the comments. Thered spoilers in there Turn this happy thing downside up :) 🙃👎

      idiOticidiOtic6 måneder siden
    • Scar u are amazing and go for the district of grass ps I am a mycilem restance

      Lighting SpiteLighting Spite6 måneder siden
    • what is your time lapse music i love it

      LUCA ARIENTILUCA ARIENTI6 måneder siden
  • I wonder if Cubfan is a fan of the American football team the Chicago Cubs...

    Toxic CatToxic Cat6 dager siden
  • impulse really worked overtime when grian said "Fake bases, exploding bases" under his job title lol

    DarkHorseAshDarkHorseAsh10 dager siden
  • Should’ve went back up for ended pearls, journey would’ve been smoother...

    Its_ HeoIts_ Heo20 dager siden
  • 25:58 *BANG!*

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan KenobiMåned siden
  • Looking through the older hermitcraft videos and scar has two videos called “we found the resistance HQ”

    ShadowstrikerShadowstrikerMåned siden
  • These videos of Scar trying to get back the diamond throne are amazing xD

    ArtMasterFrylockArtMasterFrylock2 måneder siden
  • Everything in hermitcraft is scar proof

    Benny BunnyBenny Bunny2 måneder siden
  • 11:00 Does the dirt scaffolding remind anyone of that old screensaver?

    Anonymous_BuddhaAnonymous_Buddha2 måneder siden

    Teng AyongTeng Ayong2 måneder siden
    • Is that nasty? Problaply not.

      Teng AyongTeng Ayong2 måneder siden
  • I really want to know where to get the song that plays at 11:00 now...

    DragonriderTechnologiesDragonriderTechnologies2 måneder siden
  • is it just me or would the archway look super cool with some iron-ore in it

    Zoe KesterZoe Kester2 måneder siden
  • 5:50 Scar looks on the door "Oh... my sweet baby Jellie" *Commits suicide*

    Alias 0Alias 02 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or does scar's charachter look like a cloaker from payday in the thumbnail?

    OpticFrosty31OpticFrosty312 måneder siden
  • Bang

    VickyVicky3 måneder siden
  • 16:50

    Zuyn _Zuyn _3 måneder siden
  • A STEAM VALVE I thought H.E.P was a environmental agency

    David WilliamsDavid Williams3 måneder siden
  • Grian: you may have outsmarted me but I outsmarted your outsmarting

    Stanley drawsStanley draws3 måneder siden
  • As a Mycelium Resistance member, I just want to say Scar is still amazing!

    Angelee DanielsAngelee Daniels3 måneder siden
  • So MooPoo was all to incenerate the Mycelium?

    Zachary HelmsZachary Helms3 måneder siden
  • Mumbo Jumbo???

    Crimson EmporerCrimson Emporer3 måneder siden

    Shasa ThepsShasa Theps3 måneder siden
  • 28:00 Scar thinks vengeful thoughts.

    Endergamer0007Endergamer00073 måneder siden
  • juupl ufaund de fell bals

    Jingxia WuJingxia Wu4 måneder siden
  • 27:07, You know what software GoodTimesWithScar needs? IMPULSE TRACKER! It is the best (music) tracker software that can be used to keep an eye on the head of diversion tactics.

    Edward JenkinsEdward Jenkins4 måneder siden
  • Every time Bdubs shows up in another Hermit’s video, you know it’s gonna be even better than usual!

    TeeTeeNetTeeTeeNet4 måneder siden
  • GoodTimeswithScar:"They think they're clever." Mycelium Resistance:"Oh yes, we're clever, very clever."

    ProSamurai GamingProSamurai Gaming4 måneder siden
  • Love youre videos❤

    Markino BloomfieldMarkino Bloomfield4 måneder siden
  • Bdubs: "thank you for buying me another one, I appreciate it! My gingerbread man(:" bdubs can't be human, no one is that pure

    LawfiLawfi4 måneder siden
  • Free Shulkers and Rockets

    Thomas ToysThomas Toys4 måneder siden
  • Fun fact: The Mycelium Resistance actually has more mycelium.

    Greentan PlaysGreentan Plays5 måneder siden
  • Bang!

    ISwearI’mNormalISwearI’mNormal5 måneder siden
  • Scar: This world will know pain

    The Sci-Fi SlutThe Sci-Fi Slut5 måneder siden
  • I feel like what you did to trace it was greifing

    Guinea Pig GuyGuinea Pig Guy5 måneder siden
  • RIP Rewind button 2:13 i love how scar did his reaction😂

    KingVillelorKingVillelor5 måneder siden
  • Trinston was here..

    Trinston MichaelsTrinston Michaels5 måneder siden
  • i'm glad i wasn't the only one who noticed they reveled themselves lol

    JamallJamall5 måneder siden
  • Fun fact : this video should be episode 37 as Scar skipped number 17

    Devarsh ShethDevarsh Sheth5 måneder siden
  • and scar and grian are such good bilder i whish i can bild like that

    SebastianSebastian5 måneder siden
  • dude i love this game about the resistance and i am on the MICYLIUM RECICTINCE the MR "ITS FOR THE PRINCIPAL"

    SebastianSebastian5 måneder siden
  • Get tricked lol

    Derpy SharkDerpy Shark5 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know where the name “HermitCraft” came from?

    Derpy SharkDerpy Shark5 måneder siden
  • The hermits are great

    Derpy SharkDerpy Shark5 måneder siden
  • I'm not on anyone's side in this war, I'm just here to watch and enjoy the drama from both side, while I munch on some brownies.

    BTS are taking over the world with their ARMYsBTS are taking over the world with their ARMYs5 måneder siden

      Derpy SharkDerpy Shark5 måneder siden
  • I love how this server works how each hermit is good at something and others are better at other things. So Scar can make something look amazing then send in someone like tango to do all the red stone.

    Silas BraileySilas Brailey5 måneder siden
  • Bdubs seems insane but if you watch from his perspective the bubbles and zombies are so loud. Also loved the video!

    Reyna Avila Ramirez-ArellanoReyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano5 måneder siden
  • "We need an Incinerator" Cubs Supa Hot Fire and Mycelium Exploder: *cries*

    Reyna Avila Ramirez-ArellanoReyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano5 måneder siden
  • Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” For our sins we deserve hell. But since Jesus came to this earth as a free gift out of God’s amazing love to pay for our sins and take the punishment we deserved we can be saved. We accept this gift with our genuine faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9)

    Josh GuoJosh Guo5 måneder siden
  • Gingerbrdmn and shword are my favorite things

    SusubatukkaSusubatukka5 måneder siden
  • We Rab

    Pause For Perspective Psychological ServicesPause For Perspective Psychological Services5 måneder siden
  • 3:46 tango got some explaining to do????

    TwezzyTwezzy5 måneder siden
  • Scar: Starts video Me. Wy dose he More texas tan me

    stonks 69% Jesus gstonks 69% Jesus g5 måneder siden
  • 7:43 When the door is opened it looks like a mouth

    StrictlyCoreyStrictlyCorey5 måneder siden
  • is... is that sam fisher in the thumbnail?

    J0mz SJ0mz S5 måneder siden
  • Famous chat replays: GoodTimeWithScar blew up Bdouble0100 blew up Renthedog left the game

    MusicByCameronMusicByCameron5 måneder siden
    • lol

      E BethE Beth5 måneder siden
  • i bet a lot of people want 25:32 so here

    MusicByCameronMusicByCameron5 måneder siden
  • Some men just want to watch the mycelium burn.

    IndigoGollumIndigoGollum5 måneder siden
  • Impulse and Tango’s friendship in a nutshell: Impulse: We’re still friends right? Tango: Depends on what you hit.

    Scott WaldmanScott Waldman5 måneder siden
  • If he only knew that the entrance was actually in stress's tree shop

    Death Ninety9Death Ninety96 måneder siden
  • Scar has gotten Bdubs killed _twice_ in this episode, and pranked him by surrounding him with hostile Resistance Zombies. It's obvious; HEP is their own worst enemy

    GanonGhidorahGanonGhidorah6 måneder siden
  • me sitting here wondering if Scar will lose the key before the end of the episode.......

    DundaBlueboneDundaBluebone6 måneder siden
  • I stop watching hermit craft for a bit and next thing I know there's a war

    The Diamond DogThe Diamond Dog6 måneder siden
  • The bridge you made between the factory and the shopping district is amazing and very beautiful!!

    Nora LongestNora Longest6 måneder siden
  • You no the resistance got all they mycelium back you failed

    Junk DudeJunk Dude6 måneder siden

    ImHaizyImHaizy6 måneder siden
  • plot twist: Their base is at the nether

    BLUE TorcherBLUE Torcher6 måneder siden
  • Bang

    Richard KaneRichard Kane6 måneder siden
  • Oje of the resistance shall see this...

    RNd0mstrAngr YTRNd0mstrAngr YT6 måneder siden
  • ahahhahahaa

    Mary MargaretMary Margaret6 måneder siden

    Claire DiehrClaire Diehr6 måneder siden
  • That's a fake

    johnjohn6 måneder siden
  • i can hear zombies

    Grumpy DumplingGrumpy Dumpling6 måneder siden

    nubbz3 fannubbz3 fan6 måneder siden
  • You got bambozled

    Yes PlatiumYes Platium6 måneder siden
  • Tango with the BOOMERS

    Xander ZantopXander Zantop6 måneder siden
  • Gather real base is the big chest

    cotixqcotixq6 måneder siden

    mah brodasmah brodas6 måneder siden
  • The best place to hide a secret base would be a mini game. Make some sort of maze mini game and then in one of the dead ends will be where you dig down and get in. Nobody would think it would be there. You can also make it underwater in an ocean probably in a coral reef.

    YaksYaks6 måneder siden
  • 14:11 the different bath salts together

    MagmaSmegmaMagmaSmegma6 måneder siden
    • basalts. it's a minecraft rock (or it may be in real life but i don't know)

      kylaxialkylaxial6 måneder siden
  • *You got bamboozled*

    ꧁Pɪᴘᴇʀ Pʟᴀʏs꧂꧁Pɪᴘᴇʀ Pʟᴀʏs꧂6 måneder siden
  • There are as many secret bases as many times Grian has pranked someone.

    Physics BiologyPhysics Biology6 måneder siden
  • What you found it how they hide it well you suck

    Mr Blitz's ShowMr Blitz's Show6 måneder siden
    • First learn grammar Second shut up

      Fixable CellFixable Cell2 måneder siden
    • Study grammar

      Onion SkinOnion Skin6 måneder siden
  • No you didn’t!

    Mr. DudeMr. Dude6 måneder siden
  • the resistance hq probably isn’t even in the shopping district

    TVockstar Is A NerdTVockstar Is A Nerd6 måneder siden
  • GoodTimesWithScar 2020 -"It's like a blue faced zebra."

    Carolyn DesoCarolyn Deso6 måneder siden
  • comment

    MooMoo CowMasterMooMoo CowMaster6 måneder siden
  • Those are bee hives

    Anderson DavisAnderson Davis6 måneder siden
  • Kinda. HAHA

    BendyyBendyy6 måneder siden
  • in grian's vidio he says that he relinkd the water tunnle so you just need to mine under that shop, lol

    livio gaminglivio gaming6 måneder siden
  • the official name: the Cowmercial District. (from Ren)

    Clover ArcondasClover Arcondas6 måneder siden
  • Bang!

    Gosse AnimationsGosse Animations6 måneder siden
  • This looks really cool I go for both of you and good luck with the battle

    dino nuggie saurusdino nuggie saurus6 måneder siden
  • For some reason the montage music reminds me of naruto

    dino nuggie saurusdino nuggie saurus6 måneder siden
  • Bloooood Feeeuuuud!!!!

    UncleBearUncleBear6 måneder siden
  • You Hermits are absolutely amazing, I love watching all the shenanigan's that happen.

    Pyro SychoPyro Sycho6 måneder siden
  • Scar: A build without landscape is no build at all. Me: D_D d_d D_D I feel called out

    SyberyahSyberyah6 måneder siden
  • I love your videos! They make me feel better when I have a rough day, and I love the content you put out.

    SyberyahSyberyah6 måneder siden
  • 16:50 If only they knew...

    Muhammad Hilmi Al FarabiMuhammad Hilmi Al Farabi6 måneder siden
  • "We need to burn it with the passion" Of a thousand suns.

    SyberyahSyberyah6 måneder siden
  • So this was a fake base?

    Quinn HatlestadQuinn Hatlestad6 måneder siden