3RD Life SMP - episode 2: What Happened To Pizza?!

27. april. 2021
231 477 Ganger

Welcome to 3RD Life a Minecraft mini-series with a twist! 3rd Life is a new series where we have 3 lives and when we die on our third life we are out of the series and no longer able to play on the 3RD Life SMP.
In episode 2 of 3Rd Life we trade with others and find Pizza the Llama is gone! I hope you like this crazy episode of 3RD Life SMP.
3RD Life Series NOworld playlist:
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  • Would you like to increase your reputation? LOL

    GoodTimesWithScarGoodTimesWithScar18 dager siden
    • *gives ancient debris( YES

      •Milky Skyz••Milky Skyz•2 dager siden
    • yes i would

      Waffle BoiiWaffle Boii2 dager siden
    • I know this video is two weeks old, but this can be ANOTHER monopoly. Rabbit hide can be mixed together with itself for leather. Ten needs leather. Leather is rare. Instant. Monopoly.

      Yasmeen FadalyYasmeen Fadaly2 dager siden

      AdamimokaAdamimoka4 dager siden
    • no i want to continue being rich :)

      Beast cameron 123Beast cameron 1235 dager siden
  • 12:23 *“he wants your shoes!”*

    IAmCorgi ._.IAmCorgi ._.Dag siden
  • Jungle????

    Kira ProutKira ProutDag siden
  • 'I will murder them' was more comedy from the POV of grian

    KnoxKnox2 dager siden
  • Schroedinger's pizza

    Super Fire 64 GamingSuper Fire 64 Gaming2 dager siden
  • there are 80 people who are idiots

    Jonathan SorensonJonathan Sorenson2 dager siden
  • he literally gave smallishbeas 100% when he took there monopoly!

    Dana GallupDana Gallup2 dager siden
  • If you have four rabbit hide, you can make leather

    CindyCindy2 dager siden
  • All the animals are gonna be called Pizza, pineapple pizza, Peperoni pizza ... and then there has to be margarita 😅

    Lisa SchröpferLisa Schröpfer4 dager siden
    • Or bruschetta

      Lisa SchröpferLisa Schröpfer4 dager siden
  • Jelly was at my doorstep, singin sweet songs, of melodies pure and truuuuUuUuUuE this is my message to yOuuUUu! Meowin bout pizza,............

    Unicorn LoverUnicorn Lover5 dager siden
  • Jole: collects dead bushes Me: why don't you just drop a sapling onto sand?!? That's literally how to make a dead bush!!

    Skylar CloudsSkylar Clouds5 dager siden
  • 16:38-16:56 I know this is just Minecraft, but I almost started crying. I felt that so hard. 🖤💜

    JadeJade5 dager siden
  • I think 4 rabbit hide can make a piece of leather.

    MirderedMirdered6 dager siden
  • 0:31 nice jungle, full of life and greenery

    MinecraftKameraMinecraftKamera6 dager siden
  • Eat your cereal

    I eat CEREAL!!!I eat CEREAL!!!6 dager siden
  • Reputation is such a cool idea, why are people treating it's silly

    Darth MakrothDarth Makroth8 dager siden
  • “Pizza lives” on a dark oak sign.

    George JonesGeorge Jones8 dager siden
  • 17:46 I had michael myer flash backs 😂😂😂

    BiggestRook 101BiggestRook 1018 dager siden
  • "...that llama there? It is dead." * slow heavy metal music playing *

    Curved Line StudiosCurved Line Studios8 dager siden
  • The unfinished castle back is the best running joke ever!

    Michael McArthurMichael McArthur8 dager siden
  • "Yes ill start doing the backside" im decapitating 😭

    ashguacamoleashguacamole9 dager siden
  • grian looked like a five year old snitching on his older siblings 😂

    Sierra CalderonSierra Calderon9 dager siden
  • Scar, Xisuma stole Pizza and brought him to the World of Keralis Server! You should confront Joehills about it!

    Mantaman CadetMantaman Cadet9 dager siden
  • You sir are DIABOLICAL! 🤣

    Misty HutsonMisty Hutson9 dager siden
  • Rabbit hides when you get four of them make leather.

    Seriah BurtonSeriah Burton9 dager siden
  • Pizza Lives!!!

    Upnorth 3390Upnorth 33909 dager siden
  • Hope you read this coment.Ask impolse the secrert method of finding dimonds or you will use his own villidgers to buy instint harming arrows

    Caleb McBrideCaleb McBride9 dager siden
  • 15:01 I love Grian's laugh. Thank you, Scar, for letting me experience that. 😊

    Dieter RoberDieter Rober10 dager siden
  • Average Minecraft Player: Grindstone Scar, Professional Minecrafter: Spinny McDo

    Jonothan AdamsJonothan Adams10 dager siden
  • Scar is a minecraft legend, great building and amazing role playing!

    EhSoTerricEhSoTerric10 dager siden
  • Why does smallishbeans voice sound so distorted and sped up?

    Villager SlimeVillager Slime10 dager siden
  • Scar: We have claimed the jungle, here! Desert: ???

    Spacefly3454Spacefly345410 dager siden
  • GoodTimesWithScam

    Simon BartonSimon Barton10 dager siden
  • Excellent work master Scar. Please bring back the old outtro song so I can jam out on my jam machine. Also, how much to donate to your patron to get more reputation?

    Nare HovNare Hov11 dager siden
  • Pizza is with Cleo so pizza is not dead

    Claire Ryann PalaciosClaire Ryann Palacios11 dager siden
  • Pizza is alive but I can't tell you who took them. It is kinda revenge for you ripping people off though. You DID offer fake points for enchanted gear.

    Vertia the GreenVertia the Green11 dager siden
  • "Can't trust anybody" proceeds to show his hidden treasure stash

    OniOni12 dager siden
  • "Part of the deal is I get to ride pizza, later on." - Tango. "Sure, sure, that's fine. Just give me your pants." - Scar. Ah yes the merits of minecraft.

    Anymal104Anymal10412 dager siden
  • Scar almost calling pizza pepperoni is very ironic, if you know what I mean.

    BB479 HUNBB479 HUN12 dager siden
  • "I almost called him pepperoni" Coincidence? I think NOT!

    Gabriel BarabatGabriel Barabat12 dager siden
  • I am liking this 3rd life thing but I am starting to get really eager for hermit craft videos and I would think that other people agree with me

    Izaac NelsonIzaac Nelson12 dager siden
  • You can make leather with rabbit hides

    maidobalamaidobala12 dager siden
  • Something tells me we are getting the great Pizza war at some point in this series

    A HumanA Human12 dager siden
  • eyy The next great plan is to convince the traders to settle next to Monopoly Mountain, so you have the MONOPOLY on EVERTHING

    Van ThomiasVan Thomias12 dager siden
  • 23:58 yes Scar u can't trust anybody... THAT INCLUDES YOUR NOworld COMMENTS SECTION

    AuggieAuggie12 dager siden
  • GoodTimesWithScam

    Sophia Coats-ClemansSophia Coats-Clemans12 dager siden
  • ‘I will murderer them’ -good times with scar 15:00

    Midge StudiosMidge Studios12 dager siden
  • ah yes. the jungle

    tyler hudakotyler hudako12 dager siden
  • Rabbit hides can be used to make leather, currently one of the most valuable resources on the surver rn

    BeanbagBeanbag13 dager siden
  • Monopoly Mountain is a fantastic name!

    Sam JacksonSam Jackson13 dager siden
  • Yes

    Mary GrayMary Gray13 dager siden
  • whatever the light touches is our -not mufasa -scar

    sevenyard307sevenyard30713 dager siden
  • The foreshadowing at the start......

    Shoogle ArtShoogle Art13 dager siden
  • this might be my favorite scar video lol

    A SadiqA Sadiq13 dager siden
  • Scar if you really want to know, I know where Pizza is....

    Flying RockFlying Rock13 dager siden
  • Scar is reminding me of the Robert Munch book Kindergarten. We share EVERYTHING

    Angela LybbertAngela Lybbert13 dager siden
  • Scar really leveled up his haggling skill

    The Cactus RocThe Cactus Roc13 dager siden
  • When Scar returned to the castle and Grian asks where he’s been. Old married couple vibes right there.

    304banana304banana13 dager siden
  • You can breed rabbits and use their hides to make leather.

    Collin YeadonCollin Yeadon13 dager siden
  • Scar: Look at all of this wonderful sand! Grian, faintly: He wants your shoooooes!

    MaillimanMailliman13 dager siden

    J. S. ProductionsJ. S. Productions14 dager siden
  • Scar's true cutthroat nature has been revealed 😂

    emynemyemynemy14 dager siden
  • Uhhhhhh scar zombiecleo and bdoublo have pizza locked up in their mine just wanted to let u know

    Urmila TripathiUrmila Tripathi14 dager siden
  • Scar on hermitcraft: Threads by scar Scar on 3rd life: Threaths by scar

    Raf JansenRaf Jansen14 dager siden
  • Rabbit hide is for the super rare ressource leather

    Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-TwistStefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist14 dager siden
  • on second 0:55 Scar says he's being chill.....lol

    Mr. BMr. B14 dager siden
  • What if u guys steal the dark oak saplings from them It would be interesting to watch😂😂

    OnKaRa43OnKaRa4314 dager siden
  • Saul Goodman? More like Scar goodman

    TumbieTumbie14 dager siden
  • 13:22 Grian: *painful agree*

    Aurora PaisleyAurora Paisley14 dager siden
  • 1:10 why scar should join MCC

    AquAssassinAquAssassin14 dager siden
  • Watching Scar deal with Etho with Grain yelling in the background is giving strong flashbacks to Bdubs butting into Aque town property sales.

    BrownR87BrownR8714 dager siden
  • Scar standing in the desert. Scar: "We claimed the jungle!"

    RemaladeRemalade14 dager siden
  • If you get the right wandering trader you can monopolize jungle trees

    StormStorm14 dager siden
  • You can use 4 rabbit hides to make leather

    GoaliePro6GoaliePro614 dager siden
  • deserts are really called jungles? well..... the more you know

    LoO0ganLoO0gan14 dager siden
  • Watching Grian lose it as Scar scams everybody is the best xD

    Caleb PipesCaleb Pipes14 dager siden
  • Pizza was stole by some one I think

    Charlie BlueCharlie Blue14 dager siden
  • rabbit hides are used to make leather

    Top KnotchTop Knotch14 dager siden
  • Scar is so munipulative

    Plazma Hero StudiosPlazma Hero Studios15 dager siden
  • Hi I’m a big fan and I made a animation of you! It would mean the absolute world to me if you could subscribe : )

    Slicefish GGSlicefish GG15 dager siden
  • so you own the jungle aye

    Ava BernierAva Bernier15 dager siden

    Eli C.Eli C.15 dager siden
  • "I will murder them," -GoodTimesWithScar. It's still funny from scar's side.

    Marisela NitschmannMarisela Nitschmann15 dager siden
  • Please call the castle the “sand castle”

    Lego CloudLego Cloud15 dager siden
  • ❤️

    William AlexanderWilliam Alexander15 dager siden
  • cleo took pizza

    James FowlerJames Fowler15 dager siden
    • What do you mean, no one took pizza…

      Fergus The PuppyFergus The Puppy14 dager siden

    IcynerzIcynerz15 dager siden
  • In the new case and cliffs update you can make a bundle with a hide and you can also make leather with for hide

    Andrea CedroneAndrea Cedrone15 dager siden
  • Post a hermitcraft video bdubs is winning!!!!!!! You have to great good competition

    Saksham DagaSaksham Daga15 dager siden
  • Scar Pizza is with Zombie Cleo I saw her running pass by rendogs vid

    Bokh Dani Gavin AtienzaBokh Dani Gavin Atienza15 dager siden
  • Jellie

    Amos AbtaAmos Abta15 dager siden
  • More Hemicraft pls

    Bharath PriyanBharath Priyan15 dager siden
  • I haven't seen Joel's video yet, but I love how I've just seen him pop up in various places, trying to monopolize various useless items. First in Ethos video trying to get lily pads, now in Grian and Scars videos trying to get dead bushes!

    Ella PElla P15 dager siden
  • What is it with youtubers and having pet endermen

    Noel AntoniosNoel Antonios15 dager siden
  • Nice Jungle scar! Lol

    Dankyoda IncorporatedDankyoda Incorporated15 dager siden
  • I've been watching this channel for 7 years

    avi navarroavi navarro15 dager siden
  • 22:17- Love the Hermicraft/Back of Grian's mansion reference that was cleverly placed there! :D

    Tricia CTricia C15 dager siden
  • You can use rabbit hides to make leather... make a farm. Leather is desperately needed on the server.

    Jonathan WoodJonathan Wood15 dager siden
  • You can turn the hide into leathr

    Deverell GraceDeverell Grace15 dager siden
  • 3rd life: a mix between the cringe Xlife people and the surperior hermits and other random British.

    Adrienne KinzelAdrienne Kinzel15 dager siden